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Word  for the Workweek


      As a pastor, I have often been made aware of many, any needs within the family of God. People have to deal with issues, relationships, health, finances, etc. For many of us, we don't see a break from the tension, often for a period of months, so what do we do? How can we go through our days and be effective living with tension?
      People get down with discouragement. They get down with disappointment. They get down on themselves. They get down on others. They simply get down. Some will get down and pray, which is great, but after we pray, there comes a time that we must get up and look around.
     God would often speak through the prophet Isaiah to speak the right words to his generation and ours. Isaiah 60:1 spoke to my heart, and I know that it can speak to your heart as well. God's people are discouraged because of the problems within our nation. We are concerned at how this impacted our personal lives. Isaiah promised his generation a mediator, a savior to come and help them when they are down. His words still speak to us as well. Notice what he says:

  Arise! Shine, for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee!  -Isaiah 60:1

     Your bank account may be empty, but the glory of the Lord is still here. A friend may have abandoned you in your time of need, but the Lord in His glory has not. Your health may be failing you, but the glory of the Lord will not. Don't get down with discouragement...get up! Arise! the light of the Lord is shining bright.
      That's good news for our church too! It doesn't matter where we are headed as long as the Lord is leading us. So let's get up and follow him! He sees you in that dark corner trying to hide. That is why he is shining his light in your direction. To show you the way out.
     I hope you will join me this Sunday as the light of the gospel is preached. If we are all seeking to follow the light obediently, I promise you the glory of the Lord will rise up among us!

Have a Great Week!
Pastor Mike


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