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Statements of Purpose and Belief of Mt. Zion GB Church

The Mission of our Church:

Mt. Zion General Baptist Church exists to fulfill the Great Commission of telling people about God’s love through Jesus Christ, baptizing them and facilitating them into the work of the Kingdom.


Purpose Statement of our Church:

Mt. Zion GB Church exists to impact lives through evangelism, discipleship, worship, fellowship and preparation for service for the purpose of enhancing our Lord’s Kingdom.


The Vision Statement of our Church:

Mt. Zion General Baptist Church is a place where God is glorified in every area of our Church and its programs. Taking initiative to be open to anyone desiring to enter and worship God, we will proclaim the word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and actively lead others to the Saving Grace of God.   We will offer multiple opportunities for fellowship, teaching and preaching of the Word of God.


Mt. Zion General Baptist Church shall be committed to develop healthy relationships with God and with one another. The Church shall be a place where the hurting, the depressed, the disappointed, the lonely, the confused, the guilty and the sinful can find forgiveness, love, acceptance, help, hope, guidance, support, and salvation.


For governing purposes, Mt. Zion General Baptist Church will strive to keep an up to date Constitution and Bylaws for each member of the church which will include the Articles of Faith. Ultimately the Bible, God’s Holy Word is our complete source for living together.


Mt. Zion General Baptist Church is a member in good standing with the Liberty Association of General Baptist and the General Association of General Baptist.

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